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Our Story

The Radler Brewing Co is co-founded by Craig Donovan, Karryn Beattie, Linda Fragner and Stefan Fragner.

How it started
The idea of brewing a Radler in Sweden came up in the summer of 2021 when Linda and Stefan, exhausted and thirsty after a sweaty run in the hills just outside Stefans hometown Vienna, Austria, sat down in the sun to enjoy this classic Austrian thirst quencher.

Back home in Sweden - and once all Radlers they had brought home were finished - they realised that continuing importing single cans of Radler was not future-proof and neither they wanted to miss out on those perfect #radlermoments.
This was when the idea of creating a Radler in Sweden was born.

Outdoor loving kiwis
With Ekerö Brygghus, the local brewery round the corner (a mere 5 minutes bike ride from their home on Ekerö, outside Stockholm) the step to actually make the Radler happen wasn't that far-fetched. Adding to this Craig and Kerryn, the New-Zealand born founders of the brewery, being two outdoor loving kiwis that are not only always up for new projects but immediately shared the longing for those #radlermoments.

The Sustainability Sprint
It also came handy that Linda, founder of the innovation process Sustainability Sprint, had already been working with Ekerö Brygghus to help them accelerate their sustainability work. Focusing in how they could accelerate their contribution to United Nation's Sustainability Development Goals #5 (Gender Equality) and #12 (Responsible consumption and production). It was no question that these values and goals also would be at the core of Radler Brewing co. Together with goal #13, Climate Action

From idea to action - fast
When sharing the same values and mindset things can go fast. After the first brainstorm in July 2021 only a couple of weeks later in September the branding and first brewed prototype was ready.

The journey had just begun.










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